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Our main focus

Spiritual Guidance

Are you looking for some one to walk this path with you... we are here to provide support to you the easy way! Know that it's fun to build and gain a relationship with God.

Mental Health

You are important! Positive! Powerful!

Share your challenges and struggles in a non judgmental, environment that will bring you closer to your mental health goals.

Dream Building

Let's Talk! I have been in many situations that gave me a desire to want more. Vision boards, journals and self talk is my friend. Are you ready to share your Dream?

My story

I feel that I have come along way and need to share my story to help others learn from my past in order to have success in their future. I have overcome being a teen mom, divorce, depression and anxiety. This journey has taught me to be strong, faithful and positive. GuideME is a business I created in the mist of a spiritual battle. God has taught me so

Mission. Vision. Purpose

GuideME mission is to bring out the strength that you already posses by providing mentorship in order to reach the standers you have set for yourself. GuideME envisions a community that's supportive, positive peaceful, exciting, healthy and for people of all cultures. GuideME exist because we want to guide you through what ever you are going through to to reach your highest potential. Our purpose is to help you reach your goals in life.


GuideME is designed to support people that want to get from point A, to point B, to point C, etc... We thrive to help you find the resources needed for your mental, emotional and spiritual success. My goal is that you get the help you need to be successful in all areas of life and live the life you see in your dreams.

We have set our standers to honor our customers with respect, honest, transparency, communication, ethical attitudes and spiritual intuition by building a strong relationship with you.

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