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Living with Anxiety, having children

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I created this book for parents that are struggling through Anxiety with children. Also for anyone who knows a person with Anxiety. This e-book with help you get over your overthinking and bring your worries to the surface by being aware of your thoughts, feelings and emotions. I shared some moments that I experienced and a few things I have done to cope or get through those tough times. You are the best!
You will get a PDF (9MB) file

Anxiety Worksheet

Are you anxious? Or just need to put your thoughts on paper? I use this templete to focus on what I want to feel, by first understanding how I feel in the moment. Use this daily!

How do you feel today?

Download now to get your thoughts in check! Use this daily, morning or nights to focus on one feeling where you want your energy to go.

P.S. I use this template at night to help with my morning meditation. thank me later!